Curriculum vitae


By Eddy Van den Bossche

Pseudonym: Ed von denski de St. Bösschjefmidis

                                  … to be truly European …


Documentary film recording “Materials in medicine and painting” of KULeuven is available.


Born in Hasselt ( Belgium ) on 13/11/1949.


Secondary school: Royal Athenaeum in Hasselt, department of Latin sciences.


1975: promotion to the degree of doctor in medicine, surgery and obstetrics at KULeuven.


1976: military service as an officer in the medical service in Hasselt Colonel Dusart barracks.

During that period I also did a pilot training in Goetsenhoven and flied in a single-engine aircraft in Aero Kiewit in Hasselt.


1977: recognition as an accredited and contracted general practitioner


Founding member Round Table International Zolder 94


Founding member 41 Club International Zolder


Member Lions Club International District B – Belgium


Honorary chairman of the general practitioners organization of the area Heusden-Zolder-Koersel


Honorary vice-chairman of the GP circle of West Limburg and surroundings vzw (HAK WLO vzw)


Former member of the Limburg Order of Physicians Office


Member of the Provincial Medical Commission (P.G.C.)


Academic consultant Catholic University of Leuven


Internship coordinator academic center of general practice Leuven


Honorary CRA (Chief Residental Medical staff) WZC Corsala Beringen



Artist Curriculum Vitae


Founding member of artist collective Curtista


Via the Meyland academy in Heusden-Zolder:

        I started in the "painter-artistic studio" with Marc Claes to obtain

        my doctorate in the specialization degree higher degree painter

        via Herman Maes


        Drawing via Liesbeth, Marina, Martine, Geert and Peter


        Screen printing and photopolymer technique via Noël Vosch


       Other grafical technics with Peter, Carlo and Greet


       Sculpting with Hedwig Snoeckx from Zephyr's Lodge


        Art history via Lud Maris from gallery de Mijlpaal and Claire

        Vercammen etc...


         I am currently doing the final year of specialization in sculpting


        After the higher degree of painter and drawer, I'm currently

        active in the project studio with painting and graphics at the
        art academy of Heusden-Zolder